Book On-Demand Baristas

Whether your barista called out sick, you're planning an event, or just need an extra hand on a busy day, we'll have the perfect on-demand barista ready for you.


Quickly hire
on-demand baristas

Experienced baristas

Experienced baristas

Every on-demand barista has over 2 years of work experience in specialty coffee.

Easy scheduling

Easy scheduling

Select the date and times of your shift and click “add to cart”. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Next day availability

Next day availability

Submit your request as late as 4:30pm EST the night before and we’ll get you covered.

Affordable pricing

Affordable pricing

Just pay an hourly wage for the shifts you need covered. That’s it.

Your very own
staffing network

All of our baristas bring impressive coffee knowledge and a postive attitude to every shift. Get to know some of our caffeine-charged baristas and why they love working with cups after all these years!

7+years of experience
cups treats us like the professionals we are and I love it!
Washington D.C.
10+years of experience
It's always amazing to connect with other baristas - I learn more about coffee and life from them.
Los Angeles
9+years of experience
I enjoy the ability to work at my own pace and meet new folks within the community.
New York
11+years of experience
I love that I get to see how different customers prefer their coffee. Coffee is subjective and fluid.

Keep your
business booming

With our on-demand staffing solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that you'll be able to open your business or host an event in a moment that you might not be able to.

No more adjusting your plans because you're short-staffed. We're always here for whatever your business is planning.

employee burnout

Having a reliable plan B allows you to give your team time off without hesitation, keeping all your employees energized for their next shift.

As a business owner, you have to take care of yourself, too. Our baristas provide you with the flexibility to have a fill-in employee that saves you time and resources when you run into a sticky staffing situation.

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Hear it from
our customers

We’ve spent years building a community of coffee experts to bring our customers the best of the best.

cups has been amazing for securing last minute staffing and helping with any issues that arise! They’re always going above and beyond even when I reach out on the weekends, and overall are just a pleasure to chat with!
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Orso Coffee | Brooklyn, NY

Still have
some questions?

Check out these FAQs, or contact us to chat with a member of our Customer Success Team!

  • How do I hire a barista through cups?

    Simply sign up, select the days and times of your shift(s), click add shift, and check out as usual. You can include comments about your shift request, such as brewing equipment, food prep, and dress code, but it's not required.

    We'll reach out to you when your shift is filled and a barista will be at your shop ready to work!

  • I work for an event agency but need a barista. Can I still work with cups?

    Of course! We’re happy to work with cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, event agencies, community workspaces, and other businesses that need a hand. Come join our caffeinated community!

  • My barista cancelled for tomorrow and I need a fill-in ASAP. Can you help?

    As long as you submit your staffing request before 4:30pm EST the day before your shift, our team can find a barista for you. Whatever your staffing situation is, we have you covered - no more last minute scrambling!

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